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This is characterized by animbalance between ventilation and perfusion(V/Q mismatch) without alveolar hypoventi-lation. The device monitors tidal vol-ume (VT) during HFOV using a hot wire ane-mometer at the airway opening; this is a distinctadvantage over some commonly available HFVdevices. This approach is particularly attractive for persistentand intermediate-persistence compounds, where short-termvariations in exposure have less impact. HO-1 is inducibile izoenzyme that may be activated byinflammatory cytokines (IL-1, IL-6, TNF-?, IFN-?), by oxidants (superoxide, peroxynitrite,hydrogen peroxide, ozone), bacterial toxins, viruses and by hyperglycemia. In men, the levels of FSH and LHremain practically constant (LH > FSH) while in menstrua-ting women they fluctuate cyclically. What should you examine in a patient with purpura?A. Medical recordsof each live birth in the five counties of metropolitanatlanta are examined and updated through age 5 bytrained abstractors

Medical recordsof each live birth in the five counties of metropolitanatlanta are examined and updated through age 5 bytrained abstractors. The implications of multimodal neurmonitoring for nursing.

In institutional settings such asnursing homes and assisted living centers, the percent-ages are even higher, at more than 80% exhibiting neu-ropsychiatric or behavioral symptoms. Kegel exercises will help strengthensphincter tone. Activation of DA1 receptorsproduce renal and mesenteric vasodilatation. Jones reports that the only medication she takes isan occasional Tylenol for headache. Paediatric observational studies(Schechter 2007; Peroni and Boner2000; Bilan et al

Paediatric observational studies(Schechter 2007; Peroni and Boner2000; Bilan et al. This is partly due toadjunctive care such as awake craniotomy and surgical navigation. As should be evident from the majorityof the narratives discussed in this book, the folklorist is normally concernednot with the veracity of the narrative—that is, whether the events in thestory actually occurred, or at least could have occurred—but the “truth” ofthe narrative as viewed by the teller and listener. The consequences in the form of long-termsequelae essentially concern very preterm infants,and this chapter will therefore focus on bronchopul-monary dysplasia (BPD) or chronic lung disease ofprematurity. Clear cells showlarge amounts of folded membrane, mitochondria, and glycogen

Clear cells showlarge amounts of folded membrane, mitochondria, and glycogen. The targettumor antigen is called folate-binding protein (FBP) purchase propecia online which is a 27kD protein over expressedin human ovarian carcinoma and identified by monoclonal antibodies MOv18 and MOv19(Coney 1991). This event occursbetween 12 and 24 hours after the LH surge, resulting in the for-mation ofthe secondary oocyte and the first polar body

This event occursbetween 12 and 24 hours after the LH surge, resulting in the for-mation ofthe secondary oocyte and the first polar body.

The outer layer near-est to the ribs is parietal pleura. Vomiting causes loss of the gastricacid (i.e., hydrochloric acid). It was discussed earlier that the differentiation of CD4 T cellsor CD4 Tregs into TH17 secreting CD4 T cells was dependent IL-6 activation of STAT3(Hirahara 2010). A special sign that points toward osteomyelitis of the mandibleis hypoesthesia of the lower lip purchase propecia online indicating the involvement of the inferior alveolar nerve,observed in half of the patients. (2000) Different brainnetworks mediate task performance in normal aging and AD:defi ning compensation. Typical judgment upon studiesdone at the time is shown in a 1999 review by White and Ernst1 where theystated that “the hypothesis that acupuncture is efficacious in the treatmentof neck pain is not based on the available evidence from sound clinicaltrials.” Since then purchase propecia online more studies have been completed, data gathered, andfurther analyses and reviews published. Crit Care Med 17:556–559Hanson JH, Flori H (2006) Application of the acute respi-ratory distress syndrome network low-tidal volumestrategy to pediatric acute lung injury. “Review: dermatitis herpetiformis.” AnaisBrasileiros de Dermatologia, 88(4), 594–599. In: Advances inAnatomy, Embryology and Cell Biology. Most of them wanted to establish their credibil-ity as ordinary people with rights of citizenship purchase propecia online such as adequate employment and housing.

IgE is slightly larger than IgG (molecularweight of 188,000) and is normally present in vanishinglylow concentrations in serum. Splenic lymphomas from E?-myc/p53R172H/+mice were found to expressp53 at higher levels in comparison with WT spleens, suggesting that mutantp53R172H can be stabilized by higher expression of c-Myc

Splenic lymphomas from E?-myc/p53R172H/+mice were found to expressp53 at higher levels in comparison with WT spleens, suggesting that mutantp53R172H can be stabilized by higher expression of c-Myc. In:Tobin MJ (ed) Principles and practices of intensivecare monitoring

In:Tobin MJ (ed) Principles and practices of intensivecare monitoring. The advantages of this approachare saving of hospitalization days, reduced treatment costs, lesser disruption of familylife, shortened exposure to health care–associated infections, and avoidance of the unto-ward effects of prolonged parenteral antibiotic therapy [70].

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How To Make Money With Total Life Changes


This article is about showing new business owner how to do a Total Life Changes Presentation at a Tea Party. When we first Start Total Life Changes, Our primary goal is to help people and start building a business. The first thing most of us do is have a Tea Party. We invite Family, Friends And Coworkers to the party. We share the tea, other Total Life Change Products as well as the business opportunity. If your tea parties are conducted properly, it could help get your business off to a good start. I have provided a training article for New Recruits for Total Life Changes. It shows the proper way to conduct a Tea Party.

Hosting A Total Life Changes Presentation At A Tea Party

By Holly Reisem Hanna
Have you ever wondered what elements make for a successful home sales party? This month I had the pleasure of chatting with Jane Nachbor, the Director of Party Strategy for Tastefully Simple and she shared some terrific tips for hosting a fun and lucrative home shopping party.
Here’s what she had to say.

What various types of parties are available for Tastefully Simple consultants?

Our primary format is the Relax & Savor in-home tasting party. Many consultants also offer a Mix & Mingle party (buffet style, casual), as well as Freezer Meal Workshops, Fundraisers, Open Houses, and Catalog Parties. We also have multiple party menus to choose from, so every party is fresh and different for guests.
Do you suggest having attendees participate in ice-breaking games? Why or why not?
It depends on the crowd. If they are all long-time friends, ice-breakers can be fun but they can also pull your group way off track. If the group is mixed, ice breakers can help everyone relax a bit and get them talking, which helps them have more fun and helps you have a more productive party.
How can consultants get more people to their home shopping parties?
The very best thing you can do is to have your host call everyone they invited the day before or the day of the party to remind them. People get busy and simply forget – phone calls WILL increase your party attendance.

What tips do you have for hosting a successful home shopping party?

This doesn’t have to mean hours, but organize your materials before you arrive at the host’s home. That way you’ll assure that you have what you need, and you will look professional.
Coach your host! I know you’ve heard it before, but checking in with your host a week or so before the party really pays off. Your guest count will be higher, she can be working on outside orders, and you’ll both have matched expectations.
At the party:
Smile and have fun! No matter what happen, just roll with it. And make friends! These guests are your future hosts and consultants.
After the party:
Acknowledge guests and hosts in some way – send them a short thank-you email with a relevant link, or post a shout out on Facebook or shoot them a quick text – let them know you appreciate their business. Be timely, be brief.
What are some dos and don’ts when hosting a direct sales party?
For direct sales reps:
Give yourself permission to learn. If you’re new or trying a new party format – use that to get bookings. Most people love to help and/or be a part of a “test group.” Letting them know up front gives you permission to learn, because then no one is expecting you to be perfect (and they probably weren’t to begin with). In the home party business, you get paid for on-the-job training!
Let your personality show. People love realness! So be yourself – let your hosts and guests see your personality shine. You’ll be more relaxed and you’ll make more friends – which leads to a more fulfilling and productive business for you.
Don’t carp, whine, or make excuses. Be professional at all times and leave your troubles at home. People book parties with you to have fun – you and your party are entertainment, so put your smiley face on.
Don’t do all the talking. You have a lot of knowledge to share with your clients, but you don’t have to tell them everything in one night. The end of the party is the beginning of your relationship with a client; nurture those relationships and you will have many more opportunities to talk with them about your products and your business.  For Additional Total Life Changes Visit http://www.trainingtlcreps.com/facilities

Thank your for reading this article on how to present a Total Life Changes Presentation

Frankie Muhammad

IBO 6138951


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Frankie Muhammad Total Life Changes Distributor In Memphis
Frankie Muhammad
* Entrepreneur
* Professional Network Marketer
* Professional Blogger
* Health And Wellness Coach
Phone Contact: 901-870-1135
Email: frankiedr9@aol.com

Iaso Weight Loss Herbal Tea is a natural cure for constipation. Iaso  Tea is a new Herbal Detox Tea in the Health And Wellness Industry. It is a revolutionary health and wellness product.  This tea is organic and all natural. When most people start to detox with the Iaso Tea, they lose 5 pounds within the first 5 days. This tea has started a revolution in the health and wellness industry. It is absolutely amazing. It taste awesome and it makes you feel good.

Iaso tea is designed to help you get healthy and stay healthy. All you have to do is research Iaso Tea online. You will see all the amazing results and testimonies. This tea is really changing people lives.  It is really helping people get in shape and drop the pounds. One of the  best things about the Iaso Tea is that it is not expensive. You can get a month supply of Iaso Tea for a very low price.

How To Lose Weight And Detox With Iaso Tea

It’s simple this tea has 9 powerful herbs that help detox and the body and keep the body healthy. You simply drink two 8 ounce cups a day. That’s it. Iaso Tea is not a laxative nor does it have caffeine. Therefore,  you can drink Iaso Tea every day without it harming the body. It does not have any side effects because it is all natural.

Ingredients In the Iaso Tea

  • Papaya
  • Ginger
  • Thistle
  • Chamomile
  • Persimmon leaves
  • Marshmallow leaves
  • Myrrh (an Arabic resin that has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries)
  • And malva leaves

Iaso Tea Weight Loss Picture 4

Iaso Tea Weight Loss Picture 1

” Weight Loss Tea Results Will Vary Depending On Person, Age, Diet, Exercise Program and Goals.

Benefits Of The Iaso  WeightTea

  1. Detox The Body
  2. Promote Weight Loss
  3. Clean Blood, Colon And Digestive System
  4. Remove Toxin, Pesticide And Parasite From The Body
  5. All Organic And Natural
  6. Restores Enzymes
  7. Prevents Constipation
  8. Affordable
  9. No Caffeine

It does not have any side effects. It is all natural and organic. Iaso Tea is easy to make. The instructions are on the package.

How To Make Iaso Weight Detox Tea



Contact For Questions: Frankie Muhammad

Call Frankie: 901-870-1135

Email: frankiedr9@aol.com







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As a entrepreneur and home based business owner, someone is always asking me how to start a home based business. I think starting a home based business is awesome. They have low overhead. Also, you become your own boss Also, you are building your dream instead of building someone else dreams. 69% of entrepreneurs start off with a Home Based Business.

There are several things you need to do if you want to build a home based business. First, you have to do research. You need to see what type of products you want to sell. You want to know if the products are in demand and if they are affordable. Next, you want to set goals and establish what is your purpose for starting a home based business. Next, you start planning and eventually start your home based business.

As a entrepreneur and home based business owner, someone is always asking me how to start a home based business. I think starting a home based business is awesome. They have low overhead. Also, you become your own boss Also, you are building your dream instead of building someone else dreams.

There are several things you need to do if you want to build a home based business. First, you have to do research. You need to see what type of products you want to sell. You want to know if the products are in demand and if they are affordable. Next, you want to set goals and establish what is your purpose for starting a home based business. Next, you start planning and eventually start your home based business.

Questions You Need To Ask When Starting A Home Based Business

  1. Is it Internet based? You can leverage on the internet to communicate, do business plan presentation,  automate service delivery etc. With the advancement of the technology, Internet based type of business become more and more popular.
  2. What business model do I use? If you want cut short the product creation time, you can use other people’s business model. Find a business model that is already working and proven. This will save you time and money.
  3. Do I get strong support? A perfect Internet home based business should also work life a brick and mortal  business in terms of support and training. Except the delivery of support is via phone, email or the Internet.
  4. What marketing strategies do I use? Every body know marketing is the key to doing any business. The difference is in the strategy. Some strategies work, some don’t.
  5. Do I have the tools available? Tools can save you time but not necessary save you money. There are numerous of tools which help you from doing competition research to product creation and delivery tracking, use tools to save your time. You have only 24 hours a day, anyway.

What You Need To Do To Market Your Business Online

  1. Keyword Searches
  2. Traffic
  3. Capture Pages
  4. Autoresponders
  5. Teleconferences
  6. Blog
  7. Business Webiste

How To Get Traffic To Your Online Home Based Business

  1. Write articleslike this one. Folks find the article and if it interests them, they may click on the URL at the bottom of the article for more information.
  2. Solo-ads. These are emails that are sent to people recommending your product or service. People are much more likely to take action when you recommend a product or service to them. Same goes for your online product or service.
  3. Pay Per Click. This is paid advertising where you pay Google, Yahoo, or Facebook to post your ad. Basically the provider charges you for each click. This can get very expensive, but it can also be the most productive
  4. Purchase Leads. You can buy leads (people who are looking for specific information) and send emails directly to them. However, be mindful to not be sending spam or unwanted information.
  5. Capture Pages-sometimes known as a squeeze page, it’s a one page website that provides a unique FREE offer in exchange for your name and email address. You get the offer when you sign up or opt-in.
  6. Autoresponders-An autoresponder is a program that sends a series of pre-written emails to those who opted in (prospect) through your capture page. The initial emails welcome the prospect and provide the free, promised information. Further emails entice the prospect to take action like call your teleconference or to buy your product or service.
  7. Blog Frequently
  8. Video Marketing: Youtube Videos

Benefits Of A Home Based Business

  1. You are your own boss. You can set your own schedule, re-channel the time spent in traffic to and from work every day, work the hours that are most convenient for you, and have time available for family obligations and leisure activities. You have flexible hours to schedule your time according to the needs of your family. Parents can easily attend their children’s school activities and be available for them when they are at home.
  2. Minimum investment and risk: Don’t cost much to get started
  3. Operating from home, a business can be run with minimum investment and exited with minimum obligations and risks. And once your business is up and running, it is cheaper and easier to maintain than a separate business location.
  4. Tax benefits:There are a number of tax benefits having your home and office under one roof. Running your own home business can substantially lower your tax burden by allowing various deductions such as, business travel, office expenses, and internet and phone costs.
  5. Stress Reduction:Certain stress factors can be avoided when you work at home. You will have no daily commute, and being your own boss can reduce the stress you feel due to constant demands from a boss and co-worker interruptions. You will be able to relax and spend time with your family early in the morning and evening instead of spending it to and from work.
  6. No age barrier:A home-based business is open to all ages and walks of life, including students and retirees. Anybody with the required training can start a home business and be successful in it.

Tax Benefits Of A Home Based Business

  1. Vehicle Deduction

This IS the most complicated home based business tax benefit you get. It is also where most people get into trouble with the IRS because they didn’t correctly document their vehicle related deductions. If you are going to use vehicle deductions, I can not stress enough that you MUST document everything properly. Keeping a diary or travel log to track mileage, maintenance costs, etc. will save you time and many headaches.

How does the vehicle deduction work? Basically, you determine how much of the time you use your vehicle for your home based business as a percentage. You are then permitted to take that percentage of time and apply to the cost of operating your vehicle. For instance, if you use your vehicle 60 percent of the time for your home based business, you are permitted to deduct 60 percent of the costs of operating the vehicle.

  1. Meals and Entertainment Deduction

First things first, in order to take advantage of this tax benefit, you must have proper documentation. This primarily means you need to save your receipts and record who you spoke to about your home business. Normally, you will be able to deduct up to 50 percent of the cost, but make sure you check beforehand.

As long as it is related to your home based business and document the costs properly, you can also deduct up to 100 percent of the expenses of entertaining people in your home. You may come to realize the tax benefits are much greater if you entertain in your home instead of taking someone to your favorite restaurant.

  1. Home Office Deduction

This one of the more intricate home based business tax benefits, but it has the potential to save you thousands of dollars every year you own your business.

To claim the home office deduction:

  1. You must render significant administrative or management activities for your business out of your home. For example, you do your paperwork, make calls, do your training, and perform other business functions out of a set area in your home.  2. You have no other office where you conduct significant management or administrative activities for your business.  3. You must use a specific part of your home exclusively for business. It doesn’t need to be an entire room though. A particular section will do.  4. You must use this designated section regularly for at least 45 minutes a day, four or more days a week. The work hours must not be occasional or sudden.

What can you deduct? You are permitted to deduct part of your home, utilities, and part of the interest and taxes you pay that are related to owning your home. You can also deduct office supplies like new computers, printers, phones and furniture used for your home business.

  1. Travel Deduction

Did you know the Internal Revenue Code (Section 162) allows you to deduct “traveling expenses…while away from home in pursuit of a trade or business…”? As the owner of a home based business, you can visit family and friends all over the world and deduct some of the expenses associated with the trip. You just have to make sure at least half of the days of your trip are “business days”. Essentially, as long as you plan ahead and document properly, you can deduct a lot of the costs associated with traveling and vacationing… Every year. How is that for a home based business tax benefit?

  1. Medical Expenses Deduction

In order to take advantage of this home based business tax benefit and, you will need to employ your spouse and cover them with a comprehensive family medical plan. This allows you to deduct all of the costs associated with the your family’s medical expenses. But, there two important requirements in order to take advantage of this deduction.

The first is you must have proof your spouse has done actual work for your home based business. The second is you must establish a legal document called a “Self Insured Medical Reimbursement Plan.” Do a search on that phrase in Google to see what that entails. It’s pretty straight forward.

Frankie Muhammad

How To Start Home Based Business Video



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Total Life Changes Ranks No. 100 on Seventh Annual DSN Global 100″

I am so proud to be building a Home Based Business with Total Life Changes. The company is very successful. Everyone is so professional and helpful. I really couldn’t see myself with any other Network Marketing Company. The company is helping people and doing a lot of great.  The Total Life Changes organization is doing so great is was recognized by the Direct Selling News Magazine.

Read Article:

Direct Selling News magazine, the leading publication for the direct selling channel, has ranked Total Life Changes No. 100 on its seventh annual DSN Global 100, an exclusive list of the top revenue-generating companies in direct selling throughout the world.

“It’s an honor to even be considered amongst the many successful companies, many of which have been building their business and helping hundreds of thousands of people win in this industry for 3,4 and even 5 decades. I’m just so very proud of our corporate leadership and of all of our customers and distributors. We were given this award because of you. We were here to accept the award, but I want to let all of our members know that you’re our shining light, you made this happen. So again, thank you from all of our corporate staff,” expressed Jack Fallon.

The DSN Global 100 is a collective effort to show the impact and potential of the $182.8 billion direct selling channel. The 2016 ranking, unveiled online at DirectSellingNews.com and featured in the June issue of Direct Selling News magazine, represents aggregate revenue of $82 billion from companies based in 17 countries.

“The DSN Global 100 tells a story of impressive growth in 2015, exhibited by the fact that 20 companies surpassed $1 billion in annual revenue,” said Lauren Lawley Head, Publisher and Editor in Chief of Direct Selling News. “These exceptional companies represent not only corporate staff, but millions of lives impacted by the products and opportunity they offer.”

Alongside the Global 100, DSN unveiled a subset of the list known as the North America 50, now in its second year. As its name implies, the North America 50 ranks the most significant players in one of the world’s largest direct selling markets.

The annual celebration honoring the Global 100 companies took place on April 7, 2016, in Dallas. The dinner and awards ceremony featured a keynote address by Magnus Brannstrom, CEO and President of Oriflame Cosmetics and recipient of this year’s Bravo Leadership Award. DSN also presented a Bravo Growth Award to lifestyle brand Le-Vel for its extraordinary 254 percent revenue growth in 2015.  

Direct Selling News magazine has been serving direct selling and network marketing executives since 2004. Each issue of DSN offers content on topics that shape the dynamics of the industry, including positive features about the companies that embody the entrepreneurial spirit, in-depth articles on advances in technology and the latest trends, as well as commentary by direct selling executives and experts discussing contemporary issues impacting business. The Global 100 ranking is based on net revenue before commissions are paid and without any value-added tax.


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Iaso Tea Weight Loss Smoothie is one the best tea smoothies for women. The Iaso Tea Weight Smoothie is amazing. If you are looking for a way to boost your metabolism, detox and lose weight, you should strongly consider the Banana And Strawberry Iaso Tea Weight Loss Smoothie. I think this is one of the best Tea Smoothies in the weight loss industry. The tea has an awesome taste. Also, it will energize you and make you feel good. A lot of women are using the smoothie to detox, get healthy and drop the pounds.

Drinking the Iaso Tea weight loss smoothie is an awesome way to kickstart your day.  This smoothie does not have a lot of calories. However, it packs a lot of nutrients and power. This Smoothie is a good source of calcium, manganese, magnesium, potassium and vitamin B6. It is an excellent source of fiber, vitamin A and vitamin C.

This smoothie is so powerful because of the ingredients: 9 Powerful Herbs, Spirulina Powder, Flaxseeds, Honey, Bananas And Strawberries.

Iaso Tea Weight Loss Smooth Ingredients

Persimmon leaves: The tannins and flavonoids in Persimmon leaves have anti-hypertensive, anti-carcinogenic, and anti-mutagenic properties. The leaf also acts as a mild laxative, is antihemorrhagic (stops bleeding), is an effective remedy for hemorrhoids, and strengthens weak blood vessels such as spider veins or varicose veins.
Studies have shown that compounds in Persimmon leaves bind to excess fat and help remove fat from the body. Deal with Allergies and Hay Fever the natural way. No need for Antihistamines and their negative side-effects.

Holy Thistle: supports the liver in the release of toxins. Holy thistle has been used medicinally for over 2000 years, most commonly for the treatment of liver disorders such as jaundice, and gallbladder disorders; but also for lactation problems, disorders of the spleen, psoriasis, and mushroom poisoning. It has recently been used by HIV-positive patients to protect the liver from diseases such as hepatitis and damage from the drugs taken for HIV or AIDS. A flavonoid in the fruit called Silymarin (with its most active beneficial component called Silibinin or Silybin) is a powerful antioxidant, and may also protect the cells of the liver by blocking the entrance of harmful toxins and helping remove these toxins from the liver cells. Silymarin has also been shown to regenerate injured liver cells.

It stimulates liver and gallbladder activity and may have a temporary mild laxative effect in some people.
Holy Thistle is believed to have great power in the purification and circulation of the blood, and is such a good blood purifier that drinking a cup of Holy Thistle tea twice a day can cure chronic headaches. It is also used for stomach and digestive problems, gas in the intestines, and constipation relief. It is very effective for dropsy, strengthens the heart, and is good for the liver, lungs, and kidneys. It was claimed that warm Holy Thistle tea given to mothers will produce a good supply of milk, which led to this thistle being called by another name: Milk Thistle. Holy Thistle is also said to be good for girls entering womanhood, as a good tonic. The leaves and stems are eaten as a salad green in Europe.

Malva Leaves: The Malva or Chinese Mallow plant (Malva verticillata) is a member of the Malvaceae family which also includes the Marsh Mallow and the Hibiscus. The leaves have a mild and very pleasant flavor. Malva has been cultivated in China for over 2,500 years, and is now cultivated in some countries of Europe as a tasty salad green. Malva seed contains mucilage, polysaccharides and flavonoids. In traditional medicine, the Malva leaf was often made into a tea to sooth the membranes of the digestive system.

Marsh Mallow : The Marsh Mallow or Marshmallow (Althaea officinalis) was used by the ancient Greeks to remedy bruises and bleeding, and as a mild laxative. It was used in medieval Europe for indigestion and diarrhea. The Marsh Mallow root or leaf was traditionally used to soothe and support the intestines. It is rich in calcium, zinc, iron, sodium, iodine, vitamin B complex, and pantothenic acid. Herbs high in mucilage, such as Marsh Mallow and Malva Leaf (of the same family), are often helpful for symptomatic relief of coughs and irritated throats.

Marsh Mallow may also have mild anti-infective, immune-boosting, and diuretic properties. In the British Herbal Compendium the use of Marsh Mallow is listed for gastroenteritis, peptic and duodenal ulcers, colitis, and enteritis. Topically, Marsh Mallow is used to soothe and soften irritated skin, and as a remedy for cuts, wounds, abscesses, boils, burns, and varicose veins.

Blessed Thistle: has been used in traditional medicine as far back as the early sixteenth century as an appetite stimulant, astringent, blood purifier, choleretic (bile flow stimulant), diaphoretic (sweat stimulant), digestion enhancement, diuretic (increasing urine), expectorant, fever reducer, memory improver, menstrual flow stimulant, and salivation stimulant. It was cultivated in monastery gardens as a cure for smallpox and is named in honor of St. Benedict, the founder of a holy order of monks. It is still used as a flavoring in their Benedictine liqueur. Blessed Thistle has been used for smallpox, malaria, fever, anorexia, dyspepsia, indigestion, constipation, and flatulence. More recently it has shown to be useful for indigestion, heartburn, and poor appetite. Blessed Thistle helps increase appetite in people with digestion or eating disorders such as anorexia (but does not increase the appetite of normal people). In herbal medicine, Blessed Thistle is used for cancer, infections, inflammation, gallbladder disease, jaundice, liver disorders, cervical dysplasia, heart ailments, skin ulcers, yeast infections, and diarrhea.

Papaya: has high nutritional benefits. It is rich in Anti-oxidants, the B vitamins, folate and pantothenic acid; and the minerals, potassium and magnesium; and fiber. Together, “these nutrients promote the health of the cardiovascular system and also provide protection against colon cancer.” In addition, papaya contains the digestive enzyme, papain, which is used like bromelain, a similar enzyme found in pineapple, to treat sports injuries, other causes of trauma, and allergies. Vitamin C and vitamin A, which is made in the body from the beta-carotene in papaya, are both needed for the proper function of a healthy immune system..

Myrrh: is a sap-like substance (resin) that comes out of cuts in the bark of trees that are members of the Commiphora species. Commiphora mukul, a related species, is not a source of myrrh. Myrrh is used to make medicine.

Myrrh is used for indigestion, ulcers, colds, cough, asthma, lung congestion, arthritis pain, cancer, leprosy, spasms, and syphilis. It is also used as a stimulant and to increase menstrual flow. Myrrh can help decrease swelling (inflammation) and kill bacteria.
Chamomile: has been used to treat a wide range of conditions and diseases when used internally or externally. This bittersweet herb acts medicinally as a tonic, anodyne, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-allergenic, and sedative.

Ginger: For over two thousand years Chinese Medicine has recommended ginger to treat a number of health problems including abdominal bloating, coughing, vomiting, diarrhea, and rheumatism. Ginger is also used in the Ayurvedic and Tibetan systems of medicine for the treatment of inflammatory joint diseases such as arthritis, rheumatism and a variety of other conditions.

Spirulina Powder: cheap propecia 1mg. It is an extremely powerful source for protein.  It is a blu-green algae that can be found in fresh water plants in Africa, Mexico and even Hawaii. It’s a very powerful source of nutrition. It also promotes weight loss and boost energy. It detox heavy metal from the body. It helps regulate your blood pressure and cholesterol. Also, it removes candida from the body.

How To Make The Iaso Tea Banana And Strawberry Smoothie

2 cups Fresh Strawberries
1 medium Banana, frozen
½ cup Greek or Plain Yogurt
½ cup Iaso Detox Tea, chilled
1 capsule (500 mg) Techui (100% Spirulina Powder)
3 tbsp Flax seed
2 tbsp Honey


Wash strawberries and place all the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Pour into a glass and serve immediately.


cheap propecia tablets

Frankie Muhammad Total Life Changes Distributor In Memphis
Frankie Muhammad
* Entrepreneur
* Professional Network Marketer
* Professional Blogger
* Health And Wellness Coach
Phone Contact: 901-870-1135
Email: frankiedr9@aol.com

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As a health and wellness product specialist, some of the most frequent questions I get is how to detox, how to lose weight, how to burn fat and how to cleanse the face. These are very good question. There are numerous products that can be used to lose weight, burn fat and cleanse the skin. However, when you engage in these types of actions, you want to make sure you are using the best products. You want to use the products that are made with the best ingredients and technology. You want products that are organic and natural. You don’t want products that are going to be harmful to the body and the skin. You want to use products that have a track record of helping people increase their beauty, restore their skin and lose weight. Therefore, I have listed products that can help this goal be accomplished.
Iaso Detox Tea
This is a herbal organic all natural detox tea. This tea is designed to detox the body from parasite, toxics and pesticides. A unique all-natural blend of 9 essential herbs is designed to cleanse the upper and lower intestines, ridding the body of toxins and other nasty parasites. Just 8 ounces of this mild tea twice daily can provide you with dramatic results. Find out why some have even called this amazing drink “a miracle” tea.
With a 2-Cups For Me Diet, Iaso® Tea is reaching families from all walks of life and nearly every country on the planet. Lose up to 5 pounds in 5 Days and find out why Iaso® Tea is the Nations No.1 diet tea thats TAKIN THE POUNDS DOWN!
All you need to do is drink 2 8 ounce cups a day to get the full benefit of detoxing and losing weight.
Benefits Of Iaos Tea
1. Awesome Taste
2. All Organic
3. Cleanse Digestive System
4. Remove Excess Fat From The Body
5. Anti-Oxidant
6. Helps With Digestion
7. Good For Cardiovascular Health
8. Purify The Blood And Helps With Circulation
9. Anti-inflammatory

How To Make Iaso Tea
1. Bring 4 Cups of water to a boil. Turn the stove off. (Never Use Microwave)
2. Put the two tea bags in the pot. Let the bags sit in the pot 4 to 8 hours
3. Put a gallon of water in a pitcher. Then pour the tea and the bags from the pot into the pitcher.
4. Let the tea get cold. Thin Sip To Good Health

Pomica Face Wash
You’ll be hooked after your first use. You won’t find more for less. Iaso® Pomica generates a tremendous moisturizing lather with just a single application and gently cleanses your face and body while detoxifying your skin. Containing a combination of nature’s own antioxidants in pomegranate. Iaso® Pomica helps neutralize signs of aging.
Grape Seed Oil – Contains a high amount of linoleic acid, which is a fatty acid essential for the health of the skin and cell membranes.
Polyphenols are antioxidants that can help slow the process of aging.
Pumpkin Extract is a naturally gentle, safe enzyme peel that helps to unblock pores and dissolve oils; removing blackheads and improving the skin’s texture and tone with exfoliation.
Punica Granatum (pomegranate extract) – High levels of Vitamin C and antioxidants. Prevents cell damage. Extends the life of the cells that produce collagen and elastin (strength and support to skin).
Green Tea Extract – Antioxidant properties Reduce Sun Damage. Quenching free radicals and Reducing Inflammation. Green tea promotes healthy, younger-looking skin when applied topically.
SlimR Body Wrap By Total Life Changes
Body Wraps are excellent weight loss products. Body wraps assist you with losing weight. Also, they can be used for relaxation and as a moisturizing treatment. Body wraps feels awesome. They help you drop the pounds and detoxify your body. Body Wraps have been around since the 1980s. When you add Body Wraps to proper dieting and exercising the results can be amazing. You can use them when you are relaxing and sitting at home. Total Life Changes is one of the leading companies in the health and wellness industry. They have just created the New

SlimR Body Wrap.
What Is The New Hypoallergenic SlimR Body Wrap
The thermogenic qualities of SlimR produce heat through metabolic stimulation. To increase the effectiveness of the active ingredients it is recommended to use TLC’s breathable, hypoallergenic wrap to increase the effectiveness of smooth, tight skin. Wrapping your abdomen, arms or legs at night will help to get these areas tight. **Individual results will vary. These descriptions are not intended to show that these products can be used to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate or prevent any disease. These claims have not been clinically proven or evaluated by the FDA or other governmental agency.
Benefits Of Body Wraps With The Right Ingredients
1. Tighten Skin
2. Detox The Body
3. Lose Inches
4. Nourish And Hydrate The Skin
5. Reduce Cellulite

You can learn more about organic health and wellness products

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How much is Total Life Changes Start Up Cost? It will cost you $89.00 dollars to start a Home Based Business with Total Life Changes. This will include your business starter kit as well as the products you choose for your monthly smart purchase. Once you register to become a independent distributor with Total Life Changes, you will get your website, capture page and ability to sell over 38 products. Also, you will get access to sell Iaso Tea which is the flag ship product for Total Life Changes. The Iaso Tea is an amazing Detox Herbal Weight Loss Tea. This tea is changing the weight loss industry. There are masses of people improving their lives and getting healthy with this product.

Once you buy propecia online paypal you get the opportunity to purchase the Iaso Tea and other Iaso Products at a wholesale price so that you will make a profit when you sell the tea. Also, if someone comes to your website to buy the tea or other Iaso Products, you will get 50 percent profit on each sell which absolutely amazing.


5 Ways You Get Paid With Total Life Changes

  1. Retail Commission ( Make 50% On Website Sales)
  2. Fast Start Bonus
  3. Binary Commission
  4. Check Match
  5. Life Style Bonus

If you are looking for a quick way to get rich, this is not the business opportunity for you. However, if you are sincere about building a business and you are a hard working and you have a passion for helping people along with health and wellness products.


Frankie Muhammad

Frankie Muhammad Total Life Changes Distributor In Memphis




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Frankie Muhammad Total Life Changes Distributor In Memphis
Frankie Muhammad
Contact: 901-870-1135


Total Life Changes Iaso Resolution Diet Kit


How To Use The Iaso Tea Weight Loss Diet Plan to lose up to 30 pounds in 28 days? Total Life Changes has a product known as the Iaso Resolution Drop. It has a diet plan that comes with it. The diet plan is designed to help a person burn fat fast.

Iaso Resolution Drop is a Game Changer is the Weight Loss Industry. The Resolution Drops are 100 percent all natural. There are not harmful chemicals or harmones in the Resolution Drops  If you are looking to burn belly fat or want drastic weight loss. The Total Life Changes Iaso Resolution Drop and meal plan is what you need.

Once you start taking the Iaso Resolution Drops and following the Total Life Changes Weight Loss Diet Plan you can lose 15 to 30 pounds in 23 days. The best thing about this particular diet plan is that it is natural. However, while you are on this diet plan, you can’t eat know more than 1200 calories a day. You should eat at least 750 calories. The closer you stay to the 750 calories the more weight you will lose.  If you take the drops correctly and follow the diet plan, you should lose 1 to 3 pounds a day. That is absolutely amazing. Also, you can exercise while you are on this diet plan.

Total Life Change Diet Plan

While you are taking the Resolution Drops you should stay on a 1200 calorie diet. Also, you should do some type of cardiovascular exercise or strength training. You should stay active. You will need to take 10 to 15 drops 3 times a day under the tongue. Also, you really need to follow the diet plan with the Iaso Resolution Drops.

You should eat three well balanced meals during the day. To get the best results you should concentrate on eating vegetable and protein. You should limit the amount of fruits that you eat a very limited amount of starches. If you can exclude them all together it will help you lose more weight

Foods You Must Avoid While Taking The Iaso Resolution Drops

1) Foods with sugar added. No exceptions. (You may try natural sweeteners like 100% Stevia, and 100% honey)

WARNING: natural juices and many foods purchased in supermarkets have sugar added! Look at ingredients.

2) Foods made with Flour, NO exceptions. Bread, tortillas, even pastas, etc…and yes, even wheat bread

3) All fried foods. Cooked canola and/or lard

4) NO CHOCOLATE!!! Period

Remember if you eat foods you are not suppose to eat, you will get nauseous and dizzy. If you continue to eat the wrong food, you may start to vomit. It will be like you are having morning sickness.

Iaso Resolution Drop Restrictions

Resolution is not marketed for individual under the age of 18 because it’s a violation of FDA rules. Nevertheless, children as young as 8 years old have taken the Resolution drops without experiencing any problems.

This product is helping a lot of people lose weight and get healthy. It is one of the best products in the weight loss industry. So if you have tried to lose weight and you have not been successful, you owe it to your self to try the Resolution Drops.

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Now you can lose weight easy with Iaso Herbal Detox Tea. The Iaso Herbal Detox Tea is the most popular weight loss tea.  Many are using the tea to detox the body, get healthy and lose weight. You can get a Month Supply of Iaso Tea for $44.00. One pack has 2 tea bags and it  will make a gallon of tea. It will allow you to detox the body for a week. I suggest that you detox everyday by drinking one 8 oz cup of tea at lunch and dinner. Most people lose 5 pounds the first week.

The tea has 9 powerful herbs to help you lose weight easy. The herbs  also remove the parasites, toxins and pesticides from the body.  Also, the tea will clean the organs, blood and respiratory system.

Pictures Of amazing Weight Loss Customers



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Iaso HCG drops is an awesome weight loss supplement. With this weight loss supplement, people are able to lose 1 to 2 pounds a day. HCG is a natural hormone in the body, quickly absorbed, that activates the Hypothalamus to release and mobilize the abnormal fats (extra) that is found in your body and uses this as a source of energy or a source of food. So, when you are on a very low calorie diet such as a 500 calorie diet, HCG Life Drops helps your body compensate the difference in calories that it needs to function through the use of stored fat making it a source of food for your body. This turns the body into a fat burning machine. The result is rapid weight loss.


HCG is what triggers the hypothalamus to mobilize the stored fats in the bloodstream to be used as a source of food. It is believed that it resets your metabolism and serves to protect the good fat from your body and maintain the muscle tissue from breaking down. Many people are surprised to learn that the history of the HCG diet goes back almost sixty years.  Although HCG diets have gained wide attention only in recent years, basic research of these programs goes back to the 1950s, and originated in India.


Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin is what HCG stands for. It is a complex molecule that contains over 244 amino acids.  It is found in all human tissue, both men and women. HCG is a natural hormone, naturally produced in great quantities during pregnancy to ensure adequate nutrients for the developing baby.


How To Use HCG


Stage 1: This stage consists of 3 days, in which you should weigh yourself every morning, after going to the bathroom and keep a record (write it down) every morning. Take 10 drops of HCG  Drops, 30 minutes before any main food (breakfast, lunch, dinner). Hold the 10 drops under your tongue for 5 minutes; this increases the absorption of the drops by the body. Do not drink or eat anything 15 minutes before or after taking the drops. Do this every day with the drops during your Stage 1. In this stage, the drops will help identify where in your body, the abnormal fats are stored. So in this 1st Stage, eat all foods that are high in fats and high in calories. ENJOY these 3 days, nothing is out of limits.

Stage 2: Continue taking the drops as in Stage 1. In this 2nd Stage, the HCG Drops will begin to convert the stored fat into energy as you begin today, your Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD).

*Drink 10 glasses of water a day.
*Continue the weighing every morning, after going to the bathroom (no clothes) writing down the weight.
*Women: If you should be in your menstrual cycle while you begin your HCG Life Drops, do not take the
drops during your first three days of your cycle.
*Keep doing your 500 calories per day meal plan.
*You can do the program from 23 to 40 days, taking the HCG Life Drops.
*ONLY eat the foods allowed in the list. (This will be mentioned later on). Do not skip any meals. Your
500 calories consist of Proteins, Vegetables and Fruits.
*Remember, HCG Life Drops will help your body use from the stored fat 1,500 calories, so you will not
only be in taking 500 calories. (1,500 + 500 = 2,000 calories per day)

Proteins: (2 portions per day) 3 ½ oz. each or (100 grams) choose from: Beef LEAN, Chicken Breast
(no skin), Shrimp, White Fish (ex. tilapia, sea bass), crab, lobster, lamb.

Vegetables: (2 portions per day) 3 ½ oz each or (100 grams) choose from: tomatoes, cucumbers,
celery, asparagus, radish, cabbage, large onion or any type of onion, broccoli, cauliflower, chard leaf.
Lettuce and Spinach are UNLIMITED.

Fruits: (2 portions per day) Choose from: 1 medium Apple, 1 orange, 1 peach, strawberries (6 medium
sized), 1 medium grapefruit, 1 fistful of berries (raspberries, blueberries), Melon Cantaloupe, Lemon.

Melba toast: Eat 3-4 pieces per day without any butter or jams.

Liquids: You can drink all the Iaso Tea you desire, black coffee or Iaso Coffee, and water.
Sweeten with Stevia. Only one tablespoon of milk is allowed every 24 hours.
You can cook or prepare your foods with herbs and spices, whichever you like.
Use Sea Salt, Lemon and Vinegar for the rest.

Stage 3: At the end of your 23 or 40 days, depending on the time you chose to do this program in your
Stage 2, continue your meal plan of 500 calories per day for three (3) more days, without the HCG Life Drops. The HCG is still in your bloodstream and you will continue to lose weight these three days.

Stage 4: After the three days of Stage 3, you will begin to intake daily:

1,200 calories for WOMEN; 1,500 calories for MEN
: white flour products, sugars, white rice, regular pasta, soda.
Allowed: any whole grain: whole grain rice, oatmeal, whole grain pastas, etc.

IF upon weighing yourself, you notice that you have gained 2 pounds; at dinner that day, you will have a Steak Day with Vegetables. (This will be your last meal for that day).

*Do not force the body to do exhausting exercises, walk for 30 minutes. If you already have a routine,
lower the intensity.

*If 3-4 days have passed and you have not lost any weight, do an APPLE DAY. Eat during one entire
day, ONLY 6 apples, plus your HCG Life Drops and any other supplement and drink your liquids as well.

Stage 4 is very important, since we are reprogramming your hypothalamus to record your new weight and you will not regain the weight you have lost when you begin to eat your calories allowed in Stage 4. Your body has been in a strict meal program for 23-40 days, it has learned to eat appropriately with correct meals and portions.

*After this stage, you will begin to gradually intake cereals, brown sugar, syrup, etc, in small portions.
(THE KEY IS TO DO THIS SLOWLY), keep weighing yourself every day.  If you notice you have gained 2 pounds you can do the Steak Day or the Apple Day and the next morning your weight will be back to normal.  Now you have learned a new way of living and eating, share with others the benefits of the HCG Life Drops. See your new body and continue having good eating habits and exercise to keep your new weight for life, be happy and smile. Remember your health is FIRST.

*If you need to lose more weight, after Stage 4, rest for 3 weeks and begin a new cycle from Stage1 to Stage 4 of the HCG  Drops for the next 23 to 40 days.

Benefits Of Iaso HCG Drops

  • HCG drops are taken Orally.
  • With taking HCG drops you can lose 1-2 lbs daily!
  • These homeopathic diet drops are safe and effective for men & women
  • Our HCG has all natural ingredients
  • No injections!
  • Same results as HCG clinics, saving thousands of dollars!
  • No exercise needed while taking them!
  • No hunger pains with taking HCG diet drops
  • Our HCG is the purest, most effective product available!
  • No prescription required!
  • HCG Diet drops have been proven to increase your energy levels.
  • Physically active people will lose weight more quickly.
  • HCG converts fat into nutrients without loss of muscle.
  • Non-invasive
  • Natural
  • Affordable
  • Cheaper than the injections
  • User-friendly
  • Painless
  • Side-effect free

Frequent Asked Questions

  1. How long will it take Iaso HCG drops to work? It takes approximately two to three days for HCG to integrate into your system. At the start of the loading phase, you will be introducing HCG to your body. By the time you start the low calorie diet phase, HCG should be triggering the release of enough hormones to let go of and burn abnormal and excess fat tissue.


  1. Can a diabetic take HCG Drops? Diabetics can participate in the HCG diet and the HCG loading phase and have very successful weight loss results. They will need to monitor their blood sugars carefully, and may need to adjust medications appropriately. Discussing these concerns with your HCG doctor is always advised.


  1. Do I Have To Exercise? No


  1. What is the best food for the loading face?


  • Rich dressings eg. Hollandaise sauce, mayonnaise
  • Fried meats eg. chicken, pork
  • Meats eg. bacon, pork ribs, beef franks, hamburger, sausage
  • Cheese, butter, cream cheese, heavy cream, milk shakes
  • Avocados, guacamole, nuts
  • Starches: potatoes (mashed with gravy), potato chips, white rice
  • Breads: bagels, burger/hot dog buns
  • Sweets: pastries, cheesecake, ice-cream


  1. How can I survive on 500 calories? The HCG helps release from 1,500 to 4,000 calories from your fat stored over the 500 extra calories you eat this equals a diet of 2,000 to 4,000 calories so that people do not feel hungry with the HCG diet.


  1. Are their side effects? No side effects with homeopathic HCG Life Drops. Very few people doing this diet experience headachesor dizziness, light headed on the early days, but this is extremely rare and happens in the first few daysonly. HCG has been used to lose weight for over 50 years, so there is enough evidence to support their safety.



  1. Can I take HCG drops if I’m Pregnant or Breast Feeding? You should contact your doctor first.


  1. How long should I take the HCG drops? You can take the drops for up to 6 weeks at a time. You can expect to lose about 1 pound of fat per day while on this diet. If you have over 35 to 40 pounds to lose, you can do more cycles after a break of 6 weeks. We have had clients who have lost over 200 pounds with our product.


  1. Are There Side Effects? No side effects with homeopathic HCG Life Drops. Very few people doing this diet experience head aches or dizziness, light headed on the early days, but this is extremely rare and happens in the first few days only. HCG has been used to lose weight for over 50 years, so there is enough evidence to support their





This information is not intended to substitute for the advice provided to you by your own physician or health care provider. You should not use any information contained in this product description to self-diagnose or personally treat any medical condition or disease or prescribe any medication. We only recommend using the HCG drops under the direction of a physician. If you have or suspect you have a medical condition, contact your personal health care provider immediately.

If you are pregnant or breast feeding, you should contact your doctor before taking Iaso HCG.  All information and statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


The actual weight loss following the HCG Life Drops program can vary from person to person. The true experience of each person will depend on their commitment and responsibility in their goal to lose weight, the time set for this goal, your age, your current health, how exact you follow the weight loss program,any limitations set forth by your doctor or any other factor that may come into play. cheap generic propecia uk


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