I am a strong advocate of using herbal and green teas to stay healthy and lose weight. I absolutely love Iaso Tea. It’s the tea that I used to drop the pounds and stay healthy. However, I’m not writing about Iaso Tea. I am writing about a new tea called Yo Yea. This tea is creating a weight loss revolution in  the UK. The Yo Tea is only available in Therapeutic Clinics. However, people are seeing amazing results with the tea.

People are simply drinking two cups a day and dropping the pounds. They are seeing drastic weight loss changes in just a week. They have already sold 52,000 units of the tea. Celebrities like Brad Pi, Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears have been seen with the tea. Learn More About Yo Tea

I really don’t know that much about the tea but it does sound awesome. However, the tea is not in the U. S.  If you are looking for a tea that will allow you to lose 5 pounds in 5 days, I think you should strongly consider the Iaso Tea. This tea is a weight loss detox tea. It is all natural. Also, it does not have any caffeine. All it takes is drinking two 8 ounces cups a day to get the health benefits of the Iaso Tea. The tea will detox your entire body. It will clean your organs and blood. It will eliminate the toxin, pesticide and parasites from the body.


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