Spirulina The Most Poweful Protein Superfood

Spirulina The Most Powerful Protein Superfood

If you are looking to stay healthy and boost your protein, one of the best herbs you can embrace is Spirulina. This is an amazing super food. It’s very powerful.

Think about it, just one table spoon of Spirulina can give you the same amount of protein as 10 steaks. Spirulina is all natural. It’s a blue algae powder. It’s a powerful source of protein as well as antioxidant. It also contain B-vitamins.

This protein has been used for centuries in Asia and Africa. It is absolutely a major and awesome source of protein. This super food can be found near alkaline water in lakes or water that is warm. Spirulina consist of 65 percent amino acids. If some reason your body is not getting enough protein, you definitely want to introduce this nutritional supplement into your diet.

The nutrient that you will get from this herb is absolutely amazing. The iron, mineral and vitamins you will get will keep you healthy and boost the immune system. The iron in this super food is an excellent source of iron for women while they are pregnant.
Additional Benefits Of Spirulina
1. Vitamin B-1
2. Vitamin B-2
3. Vitamin B-3
4. Vitamin B-6
5. Vitamin B-9
6. Vitamin C
7. Vitamin D
8. Vitamin E
9. Vitamin A
10. Calcium

Spirulina is also good for eye health. It helps reduce symptoms of PMS. It will help you have a healthy digestive system. This super food helps fight inflammation, heal wounds and assist with recovering from a illness.