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MLM Blog Get More Leads

Boost Your MLM Leads And Downline With A Blog
One of the most powerful Multi Level Marketing Tools you can have for your business is a blog. A blog will help you get more leads. Also, you will increase your downline.

When we join a Network Marketing company the first thing your sponsor or upline tell you to do is have a business party. They tell you to invite your family members, co-workers and close friends. You are supposed to tell them about the business and your products. This is considered your warm market. There is nothing wrong with this. It allows you to get off to a fast start with your recruitment as well as sell a few products. The good thing about this is that it is to duplicate. Furthermore, everyone else on your team can do this.


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However, I along with many others don’t think this is a good longer term strategy that should be used to build your business. Eventually, you will run out of your warm market. Then who are you going to market to.

Next, your upline will tell you to go out to malls, supermarkets, Wal-Mart and other places to prospect and try to get customers and people to join your business. This is a problem because these people are strangers. They don’t know you. You have not had the opportunity to develop a relationship with them. Most of the time, they are not interested in what you have. They don’t like, trust or respect you because they don’t know you. You have not had the opportunity to qualify them and to see what needs they may have or to provide them any value. You are just sticking a business card or flyer in their face.


This form of prospecting has not been found to be effective. Furthermore, you will get frustrated, burned out and quit. It’s okay to prospect when you are out. However, prospecting strangers in public should not be the primary method use to invite people into your business and to see your products.
Therefore, the best way to prospect, generate leads and introduce your products to a cold market or strangers is to create a blog. This is the best long term strategy for your MLM business. If you want to grow your MLM business, you have to be able to reach a cold market. There is nothing that will allow you to do this more effective than a blog along with social media.

Benefits Of Having A Blog
Blogs are not expensive. Also, you will own your blog. It’s like having a piece of real estate. However, you don’t own the MLM company that you are a part of. Also, you don’t own the social media sites that you are using to build your business. However, the domain name and content on your blog belongs to you and you own it.
Also, when you join a Network Marketing Company, They will give you the same replicated website that they give all the other independent business owners. Google will never show your site in the search engine because it is against their terms of service to have a replicated site. However, you can use the MLM blog to introduce prospects to your business, products and get leads. Also, you can use the blog to direct people to your company replicated website.
Finally, a blog is important because it gives you the opportunity to at value on the web. You get the opportunity to brand yourself. People get to know you. You add value to the market place. The most important thing is you become a leader in your industry and gain authority. It’s always best to have people chasing you and asking you for information and to join your business instead of you chasing them. The best way to do this is with a blog.

Always get a self hosted blog because you will own your blog and no one can steal your content or shut you down for no reason. However, if you have to get a free blog, I recommend you get a blog from Google’s It’s more user friendly when trying to build your business.
List Of Self Hosted Blog

  1. WordPress
  2. Bluehost
  3. Hostgator
  4. Godaddy


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