Network Marketing Professional

Network Marketing Professional

As a Network Marketing Professional, I strive hard to be different than everyone else. I try to make sure I always have the correct posture. When I prospect, I try to avoid appearing disparate. When I prospect, My primary goal is not to sell. I prefer to be a consultant to the people that I meet. My goal is to build a rapport.

When I meet new people, I don’t discuss my MLM company, business, or product.  When I prospect, my conversation with new people is always about entrepreneurship.  I act more like a consultant and not a sales person. I ask people that I meet have they ever been an entrepreneur. I ask them have they ever worked for themselves. I do this because it gives me the opportunity to build a rapport and see what type of person I’m working with.

If the person simply has an employee mindset, then there are certain obstacles I will probably have to get around just to get them to understand the beauty of a home based business.  I normally let a conversation about entrepreneurship lead me to a conversation about my business and network marketing products. I always try to consult and develop a relationship with people before I discuss my MLM products or business opportunity.  I have found that this strategy works better for me.

I lead with the benefits of a home based business such as low overhead, residual income, working from home, set your own hours, being a boss, low start up cost. I talk about these things before I even discuss my MLM Company, business or products. I have found this to be more effective when building my MLM business.  Trust me it works.



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