One of the most important skills a business owner can have in Network Marketing is knowing how to prospect. Finding prospects is a skill. You can’t build a MLM business just based on the people you know such as family and friends. You have to learn how to handle your cold market.

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5 Steps To Getting New Leads For Your MLM Business


  1. Create An Active Candidate List: You want to write down every person you know anyone you can think of that you have had contact with. Then you want to expose them to your products, services or business opportunity. You may have to get your sponsor to help you with this if you are new to Network Marketing.
  2. Constantly  Expanding Your List: You should always be adding people that you meet to your contact list. You should try to meet 2 people a day. You can meet these two people while you are out in public. Also, you can meet these people while you are on social media. The objective is to build a relationship with them so that you can help them as well as sell them MLM Products in the future.
  3. Raise Your Awareness: Pay Attention to the people that are around you. Always stay focus. Always be looking for people that may need your product or service.
  4. ¬†Don’t Prejudge Prospects: Be willing to expose your business opportunity and products to everyone. Don’t judge people. Don’t look at a person and say I’m not going to talk to them because they don’t make enough money or they make to much money.
  5. Network On Purpose: Be willing to join different social groups, networks, health clubs as well as volunteer for different organization so that you can prospect, meet new people  and show them your business opportunity.


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